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About Marshall Hamil

Marshall Hamil doesn't just train champions...

Marshall Hamil is a champion! Marshall is the International Kickboxing Association United States Heavyweight Champion. He knows what it takes to train through whatever is going on in life, and come out on top. Whether you're a mom with a hectic day helping your family, an executive with a busy professional life, or a teen with the constant demands of school and sports, Marshall can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Marshall is also well-qualified. His experience includes:

  • Masters Degree in Education
  • Bachelors Degree in Global Studies
  • Associates Degree in Behavioral Science
  • San Diego Gulls Hockey Team Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • United States Marine Corps Kickboxing Team Camp Pendleton
  • Personal Trainer Encinitas Boxing and Fitness
  • Rancho Santa Fe School Wrestling Coach
  • Football Coach Encinitas YMCA
  • Basketball Coach at St. Johns School
  • Baseball Coach for La Costa Little League

Marshall is State Licensed and Insured.

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